Oil & Gas Services

Established in 1982

over 35 years experience
in Oil & Gas industries

Consolidated Suppliers Est. is a diversified Oilfield Supplies and Services provider in UAE, with a focus on cutting edge technologies that sets us apart in providing new innovative solutions to tackle any challenge in the Oil & Gas industries.

Established in 1982, Consolidated Suppliers highly experienced leadership have excelled in offering our clients the finest services with the highest quality standards.

Our portfolio carries a wide range of products and services in the Upstream and Downstream industries including the petrochemical sector.

We continue to diversify our activities through our partnerships with international leaders to meet our clients ever-changing requirements and developments, making us one of the fundamental suppliers to ADNOC Group.

Consolidated Suppliers is fully committed to ADNOC’s In-Country Value (ICV) program since it was introduced in 2017, and maintain one of the highest ICV score in the market





Consolidated Suppliers partnership with Tenaris introduced the innovative concept of Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) to ADNOC


Well Stimulation techniques offer operators the opportunity to increase well productivity, successfully implemented in ADNOC Onshore & ADNOC Offshore


Restored successfully the Well Integrity and Production by implementation of Interwell DHSVC in ADNOC Offshore


Fixed Bonded Centralizer using Epoxy to solve ADNOC Offshore ERD challenges in horizontal reservoir sections with high angle coming to the landing point for the casing


Introducing AST (Anti Stick-Slip Tools) Technology to ADNOC Offshore and successfully deployed in part of a Directional Drilling contract

general down hole
General Downhole Tools

Casing Swivel solution for ERD high frictional drag challenges in the completion liner to reduce axial drag by allowing for rotation above the swivel when running long lower completion liner

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