We are delighted to announce our most recent partnership with CoreAll from Norway whom are specialized in developing a game changing core drilling technology for the E&P industry. The Intelligent Coring System includes real-time coring process control with true formation evaluation data and the ability to core and drill with the same bottom hole assembly.

The CoreAll Measurement While Coring System MWC® provides essential real-time logging information of the core as it enters the core barrel, enabling drillers and geologist to optimize the coring process by evaluating the core in real-time prior to deciding if the core material is to be collected, or discarded into the return mudflow.

The CoreAll Core Removal System CRS® allows unwanted core material to be drilled away and discharged into the return mud flow. Activation of the CRS is controlled from surface, allowing the operator to switch between drilling and coring modes. Trips to change between coring and drilling equipment can be reduced or eliminated, thus reducing operation time and cost, and improving wellbore conditions